Tuesday, March 25, 2008

College Route 51 - The First Few days Bus Journey

The First Day...

It was a bright sunny day in the month of August, I had god my admission into a big college in the suburbs of Chennai.I didn't know how it was going to be. I was already late by a week to join college. Dint know anything much about where the bus was going to stop or who would be traveling with me, also have heard from my cousins about "Ragging" and was kind of scared. Standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come. There were many others in the stop waiting for the bus. It was a really long wait, the things that went on in my mind, how i was going to face everything, that too then me being a person who never made friends that easily because of my silent nature.

Finally the blue bus came making me blue all over. With just a file in my hand and nothing else got into the bus after every one in the stop had gotten in. I sat in the front of the bus not knowing who i should talk to , who might be a "Senior" . The college was about an hours journey. I sat patiently waiting for the bus to reach its destination. I saw many of the people on the bus really enjoying them selfs and i dint know how to break the ice and join in with them.

A few Days Later...

The same bus, the same place, the same file, the same seat and me. Kept looking out of the window. It was a week since I joined and still had not talked to anyone on the bus and the One hour journey was something i never looked forward to. But today there was someone sitting next to me. It happened that the bus was full that day and there was no other place.

He was i think the main person or something. There were always people around him and I had noticed him being really crazy at times, and people were all happy around him. He spoke to me for the first time that day.

him : Hello
me : Hi
Him : I am Anand.
Me : Sagin.
Him : Which Department are you in?
Me : Computer Applications
Him : oh ok. and what subject do you take?
Me : Subject?(what is this fellow asking? why should i be taking?) Hey i am a fresher, i joined college only last week!]
him : Oh, I though you where a lecturer or something that is why none of us spoke to you.
Me : (Shocked) how did you guys get the idea that I am a lecturer?
Him : seeing your size and the way you were coming to the bus carrying just a file we all though that you were a lecturer

That was it. He gathered all his friends and introduced me to them and we all had a hearty laugh thinking about what we had done. And then i realized that the bus which i was going by was a Freshers bus and there was not even a lecturer that was present on that bus.The beginning of a friendship that is never going to end...

A month Later...

Sitting in the last row, with Anand and the team by my side, make fun of each other, enjoying the trip pulling each others legs.Every minute on that bus the rest of the stay in that college was memorable and enjoyable.We had the biggest fun. I remember each and every minute of those wonderful days that i spend along with them .

I am ready to give anything to go to those wonderful days...but today time has taken a toll and each and every one of us are in different walks of life, different countries...

Hope someday we will all be able to meet up just like old times....

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Sridhar said...

i will be up for it my friend. i share your feelings...

- sridhar