Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is this Chennai? The night Drive home...

The First Day...

Well it has been quiet some time since I wrote, this is something that has caught my eye in the recent times.

Well to begin with my office shift timings have changed for me since i started working on this project, the management says I have to work on overlapping times. Wow not bad considering the fact that I will be getting a bit more money as the shift allowance. Well to get on with the story I work usually till mid night everyday. After which I take my car go for a drive along the mount road or currently known as anna salai, and from there through Nungambakkam and then home, near Nelson Manikam road.

Well on this particular day I was feeling terribly hungry and about 12:30 in the night, it is very hard in chennai to find a descent place to eat. well I was searching for one and driving very slowly, and it so happened that all the places were closed. I was loosing hope when I reached nungambakkam a police guy stopped me. This was the first time that such an incident was occurring to me.So I stopped the car and brought down my windows, Before i could ask him "what happened officer?" , he had opened the read door and was looking inside. I did not understand. Then he was like asking me where i was coming from, I showed him my company ID and told him that i was coming back from work. Actually when he asked me he had come very close to me. I was wondering why, then he asked me to blow, that is when i realised that he was checking if i was drunk. Well then he left me off. I had just taken a turning when i saw a number of ladies dressed up and waiting on the road. I saw a car stop near then and a lady getting into the car and leaving.

That is when I really started noticing. There are a number of dark corners on the roads where there are a number of ladies standing. Prostitutes or some college students having a one night stand for a bit of pocket money.Has our country come down to this where is girls from families come out to make money for their expensive life style and in the process satisfying their carnal desires? There were two kinds of ladies who were standing on the road sides. One was the professional kind who are just sex workers and the other the one I mentioned above. I can understand Prostitutes they are making a living out of it. but what about these young college going women? and these people are standing in public and making themselves available to the general public for a few thousands.

One of my friends while travelling like this he stopped the car thinking he would give lift for some girl thinking she was there waiting for an auto or something. Well she came across to him and asked him, "how much?", what??? She was showing off her assets, and she told him 5000. He was shocked. He just drove off. Is it that simple to get a lay in chennai?

Well coming back I then realised why the police man had stopped me and checked the rear set. He was checking if i was taking some girls along. But only thing is that there are people that stand right under their noses and they are aware of it, or is that they are ignorant of it?And when I reached home I was still hungry. I could not find a place to eat, but there are other things that are available that you can use to satisfy your desires in chennai, but food? Well that is Chennai for you!


Anonymous said...

nice article..but i would like to make a comment..yes i have seen this before and after my visit to UK..the world is chnaging so does chennai..but the ladies/college girls you mentioned actually not ladies..they are transgender..they will be standing from nungambakkam to annanagar manily in nelson manickam road..i am no saying there are no one night stands in chennai..there are hookers..yes as indians we copy the western culture..but only the negativity..yes western people kiss infront of peoples and have different partners at times..that is unacceptable still they are true to the person or love the person doesnt matter 1st relationship or 100th relastionship..doesnt cheat on wifes/hisbands..nothing is 100%..there are pros/cons in each and every single issues...more western people do it transparent than indian people...nothing against indians as i am proud indian too

Anonymous said...


:) i'm a journalist and was doing some research on this online when i came across your blog, By te way, the 'college girls' u mentioned, they arent girls :) they r transgenders and cross dressed men, trust me they look a lot like women no? make up and hair intact! I was quite shocked to see this too, and was shocked as to why te police did not do anything about this even though tey are very much aware of this. This led me to understand that transgenders cant be punished for crimes anyway, because jails are specifically for men or women. so that kind of prostitution is legal in a way. Yes ter r women too but tey dont operate te way u mentioned, from wat i hear women usually operate secretly and through a pimp. So no, Chennai college girls dont usually means like prostiution to make a quick buck, atleast that is what i like to believe :)

Anonymous said...

Wow i tot i was the only one noticing these things.both of us share the same story ..even i started working for night shifts in an IT company for shift allowance..daily i reach home at 12 30 r even 1.Coming to the most interstin part i get caught by cops all the time in the night.the moment they see my bike with modified lights and all they stop me and check for my papers drunk r not blah blah....... a few meters away number of girlssss will be standing and waiting for their customers...and will hop in a car or bike just a very few distance away from cops....i have a company ID card worn at all times+ i wear a fromal dress+ an helmet +all perfect papers for my bike..... :/ ans still they check me??????wat the F***?? wat abt those girls standing there ??are the cops blind..or do they have some sort of dealin with those!!This starts from nungambakkam and goes till ampa mall(SKY WALK)..i ve been noticing this for almost a month..cops are useless and brainless..Dont they no who to check and who not to check during the night times....???? Horrible chennai......if this continues...then chennai itslf will be a Red light area like mumbai and just a boy aged 22 yrs....what can i do??...jus simply pass by....all i can do is to pity those girls and hope they r aware of HIV !
-By a guy who hopes to see a better world........ :'(

Anonymous said...

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Shameless Indian said...

Hi was a good post. I live in Chennai and am aware of these so called Roadside prostitutes and transgenders late at night.

The Police are definitely aware of these activities, but they are bribed either weekly or monthly to the Police station in those areas itself and they have an understanding with the local political men who mostly are involved in these activities.

Just know one simple truth, In India, everything happens with the knowledge of the Politicians and Police.

So please don't try to preach as if you are all here to change this world for good. This is how the world runs, where there is demand, there is always a supply, simple logic. If there is a Red-Light district in Mumbai, we don't ask anything about it, but if a few prostitutes stand at the corner of some street in Chennai then we become Moral Policemen and try to correct them. Please stop all this hypocrisy and double standards.

As we all know, both Mumbai and Chennai are in India only, so why find fault with our society.

Please know the fact that Indian men are some of the worst sexual addicts in this world, and every are has clandestine brothels, pimps and prostitutes. But we Indians are extremely good at preaching but not following what we preach...Jai Hind???

Anonymous said...

Whoever has written it would have definitely had this experience and is acting pretty innocent

goutham reddy said...

Today i had seen them near the police patrol in nungambakkam.pollice men are not taking action about it.

Anonymous said...

I had similar sight in omr too. Start from Madhya kailash till perungudi toll late at night ladies dressed up and standing in darkness or in road even