Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Office Training Memoirs

Chennai, September 2006

Dad had got me a new car, and it was in that I was going to the office these initial days of my office days, training! Just like college a group of 39 students, actually "tharty nine" of us as our lecturer used to say. Sitting in a class, trying to concentrate, but failing miserably and sleeping, the breaks were what we looked forward to on those long days which we thought was, until we went into the work environment, that’s a different story entirely! Well here I am going to talk about a few people who I met doing those wonderful days of my life, Charan and Aravindh. Some relations I would say comes a long way, however far we are. These are two people like that.

our life started off in that class room, getting close was not a big deal for us, because many common that we had, Aravindh coming from a struggling background was a hard worker, even though he too slept in class, but somehow managed to get the important points and sat in one of the middle rows hoping not to get noticed! Charan, this guy is a very interesting character. He can make fun of absolutely anything. A very jovial person, and always late to class! I don’t know how he managed but every time he got caught and still the next day he would come late! I would not blame him for the distance he is coming from ;), but still... He always managed to get into trouble with the teacher. And he is good at imitating people, especially our teacher, the way he makes his face go wired and starts talking like she does. The best part of it was he would call her but a pet name, ammukutty! Can you believe that! His darling it seems.

We used to sit together most of the time, there are a few others also in this group, but here I am going to talk about the car trips that I used to have with these two gentlemen, as you will come to know soon.

The end of the day usually around 7 or 8 when all our work was over we used to go travel back home in my car after dropping Aravindh home at Vadapalain, a place in Chennai, India and Charan in Nungambakkam Station, near my house I would go back home. Usually we are much stressed after the long day which would have started around 8 and for Charan around 9:30 or may be later... Still is a very long day if you calculate the hours. once we sat in the car the minute the doors was closed in the Spic parking lot, were my car used to be parked, We would start of talking about the day and what all we did. Charan gave a special name to this "STRESS RELEIF" inside that car whatever happened stayed there. There used to be a lot of abusive language, calling each other various names, irritating each other, making fun of the others, the language that that we used as what Charan would call pure Sanskrit. That meant pure abusive language, all of which I will not be able to mention here, because I may get in trouble with the censors ;). But whatever we did, all the tension and the stress we would have gathered up that day would seem to just disappear. We would feel energised again. That was how that Half hour Journey used to be.

There was one day when I told the others that I wanted to have a ginger beer! (None of us took alcohol then) and we went into a super market on the way back. Charan had tasted it once and had liked it. So he also wanted to have it. All three of us went in trying to find if ginger beer was available. Well on that beautiful day it was not available. But I noticed a product made by the same company that makes Ginger beer. Cream Soda! Well Charan did not want to try it, but I told him, we will try it, that is how I found ginger beer, so even this could be good. After convincing him we decided to buy 2 and because Aravindh was not convinced and he decided to have an apple drink. We came back to the car. I opened the can of cream soda had a sip. It tasted felt like a biscuit powdered and mixed in soda. My, it was funny tasting. I did not give a verdict of how it was. And passed the can to Aravindh and asked him to taste it. Well he did the same thing and he too felt funny but did not mention it and told Charan to taste it. Charan being delighted that we have found a new drink said "No mama you have it, I will open a new one" and opened the other can. And took the first sip! I did not know how fast the mood changed. The second after he kept the drink in his mouth, came a pure Sanskrit word referring to a certain part of the human body which is used for scolding someone in Tamil. That moment was so funny that both Aravindh and I burst out laughing, and for the next 20 minutes of the trip he was abusing me about the drink. All I could do was laugh. Laugh my heart out.

Swansea, UK, Three years later, Present day

I go to Tesco for buying my weekly groceries; I come to the Soft drinks section, again looking for ginger beer. And what do I find here? Cream soda! I could not help smiling to myself thinking about that day and what happened. I wish that I could have those days back when we were together. But I don’t know how, but at every stage of my life I have come in contact with some of the best people. They always stay close in my heart. I don’t contact these people much even though I would love to be with them as much as I can. But life has different things in store for us. Charan was not with us in the company for long. He had to leave because of stupid reason. I think it was for his best. If I know him, he will make it big someday! And Aravindh he is still in the company, working his ass out. He is a dedicated and hard worker. Hope he gets to someplace good. He will! With a lot of prayers, and hopes all of us are living, lot of struggle in the way. But I think the end as always will be a beautiful one!


vipin vasudev said...
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vipin vasudev said...

It was surprise to see Sagin started a blog, I could nt believe that because he was a guy wanted to enjoy each second and didn’t spend time for chore. I appreciate him for this initiative. I know this guy from our training batch; yes I was one of that thirty nine. Like to see you here with more posts, chalo mammu :)


Lakshman said...

Its been a heart rending one, its an emotional roller coaster ride for me, where ever you are, you will always be remembered, cared, loved by us..

welsh_girl_liz said...

=D always the good memories are the best ones i love looking back on things or just seeing little things that just remind each person of a past event that has occured and just chuckling to your self you sound like u was all close and i LOVE CREAM SODA YUMM! its really good

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