Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Close Shave, in a Political Mess!

My parents are the greatest gift that I could ever get; they have given me everything that I have needed in my life. If I start writing about my dad and his life I think I could keep writing for days together without any stop. There have been a lot of stories that he had told me that happened in his life. Most of it is painful to remember. But for what he was and how he became what he is today is one of the greatest stories that I could ever write.

For him life has never been a bed of roses. Even today!

Well this story is not about him as you might have expected but one of the many episodes in life that he has told me about.

One night about 9 my dad and his friend, one Mr. Harindran who is the principal of the school in that town, where travelling back on a motor bike coming back from a distance to our home. The roads are usually empty at this time of the night, and that particular road was no different. About ten minutes from our house there is a small hill which they have to cross, the roads are usually not lit and hence was quiet dark. They were coming down the hill when suddenly a group of about ten people stood in the way and stopped the bike.

Dad and his friend did not get down and were sitting on the bike itself, when one of the guys went near the bike to have a better look at them. He first looked at Hari master who was driving the bike and then this guy’s attention turned to dad, the guy came close to him and stared in to his face. Dad was scared...

A few days before this incident...

Dad had reached his home town, a small village near the city of Tellicherry or currently called as Thalasherry, usually referred to by the people as north Malabar area, for a family function. Kerala has one of the most beautiful country sides in India, full of greenery and its natural beauty. This state is referred to as the “Gods own Country” for its beauty.

One of the people staying near his house had come to meet him, because he had gone there after a very long time. This guy was a local political leader. Next morning came the news that this guy had been hacked to death and cut into pieces in the middle of the road! This was quiet common in this part of Kerala. Political murders! One guy from this party today, another guy from opposition party the next! What kind of people are here? Don’t they have any respect for the lives of others?

The kinds of people who do the murders are just out of school youngsters, anyone over the age of 17. Mislead by the political this how it should be? They don’t go for work, but work for the development of the party, doing murders? They could work for the betterment of the country or at least their families, considering the amount of poverty in Kerala. Well no, politics is something that is there in them, which is instilled into them right from school.

And the best part after these murders will be a hartaal or a strike. Which will not anyone to go out of their homes, not even to a hospital? Such is the kind of trouble these people cause. Can anyone change this?

Coming back...

The guy was still staring into my dad’s eye. They were having some things in their hands, most probably knives. Dad was sweating. They were there looking forward to get someone, most probably kill him, whoever he was. Suddenly one of them recognised Hari Master, and said to the others who he was, after which they decided to let my dad and his friend go. Good that my dad did not look like whomever they wanted to take their knife on.

It was a close shave for my dad and his friend, only after they reached home did they take a breath!


It was today after I heard about 3 murders that happened in the last few days that I got reminded of this incident and decided to write about it. These incidents about people getting beaten up, getting murdered, Shops getting burnt are some of the common news that people come across every other day. People cannot go out of their homes at nights or in the day for that matter, without fear, you never know what you might see. All this is happening in a state which has the highest literacy in the entire country. The greenery of this beautiful state is now wet with blood, instead of dew drops, the grass is now scattered with blood. And it looks like the “Gods own country” is actually HELL!

We don’t know what is there in store for this beautiful place tomorrow. I hope the grass gets back its dew drops someday!

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