Saturday, July 18, 2009

here is another one, guess it looks like a poem! :)

Someone told me,
autumn is the beautiful time of the year,
When the leaves are turning yellow,
from the green that they are,
and I got here and found,
that it was a beautiful season,
with the lovely person by my side,
made it look all the more beautiful!
but then something happened,
and winter came,
the leaves died out,
the trees were just branches,
the leaves had all disappeared,
and well so did she,
leaving me cold in my heart.
I am waiting,
for another spring to come along,
hopefully that spring will last,
for a long time,
before the winter turns my body cold again!

1 comment:

welsh_girl_liz said...

i love this poem it sends chills down my spine every time i read this :)