Saturday, September 20, 2014

A new Beginning?

Its been a while and yes i know i have not written, and it actually feels like its from another life that I wrote all those posts which are on here and am surprised that there are still people who are viewing these posts after nearly 5 years from my last posting.

Well not saying that what I have written is significant or that it is great to read, but it just feels nice to know that someone out there actually cares or may be accidentally fall prey and well reach here some how. I really pity those poor souls who reach here by accident and have to read these horrible posts.

And for the rest of you, I have no words. Some how I feel appreciated. Proud? Well A little. Considering when you give your time to read what I have written, its like giving me a part of your life. Spending some time for me. And I really appreciate you guys for doing it.

Any ways, enough about what I did not do and what you guys did. I did not feel like writing these past few years, somewhere along the way I felt that I had forgotten to write. Or may be something inside me had died.

Something creative was lost?

So many things that are hidden and so many emotions that are locked up.

They are there somewhere inside, waiting to come out, probably some day. And may be that day could be today. I have no idea. And I don't even know why I am actually writing all these here. But the words are flowing and I am just typing lying here on my bed.

May be this post may not make any sense to any of you who are reading this. No actually it definitely will not make any sense to you. Considering I myself have no idea what I have written till now , or what I will be writing in the next sentence.

But I know for one thing that this post is necessary for me. And I am not writing it for anyone to read. I am just writing so that I know I have it in me to write again.

To know that I am not dead, at least not in the creative way.

A friend who cries and tell me I am worth it. A girl who is ready to give up anything to make me happy. A set of parents even though they have not understood me, have loved me in their own way, way more than most parents would ever love their kids.

May be all these things put together, has given me a push.

Today may be a new beginning to this blog, if you can call it that. Or it could as well be a small burst of emotions inside me, which caused me to write these lines. Only time will tell. And I know some of you who read this will be still there waiting for it.

Thank you one and all.

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